Friday, September 10, 2010

A Change of Heart

Things are looking up.
Like a lot. All the sudden on Tuesday I said to myself, tomorrow's going to be a better day. Tomorrow, things are going to be different. And they were.
Wednesday, I just woke up feeling great.

In poetry class, mi profesor mentioned a poem I had turned in,
and said after he and I fix it up a bit, we'd all look at it as a class. Cool, huh?

After class I went to a park and just sat and wrote some poetry. Two girls were sitting on a bench in front of me, one brushing the others' hair, and the sun was setting. There was this beautiful glow around their heads. It was really lovely. Sorry all, I didn't bring my camera with me that day.

After I sat for a while, I decided to trek the 40 minute walk back home. On my way, I passed a second hand store which was super exciting. It's no Chicago Village Discount Outlet, but I got a Mickey Mouse shirt for 5 bucks so I'm not complaining.

I continued walking and passed a pet store, and decided to go in to get a few dog biscuits for stray dogs. (No judgment, por favor.) The guy working there asked if I could come back later though, because he was busy with a cat emergency. I pretty much only included this little story because I think Cat Emergency sounds hilarious/like an Indie band from the West Coast.

On the way I treated myself to a canvas, went home, changed, and went to Chabad for Rosh Hashanah dinner.
I got ready, and FINALLY got there without getting lost.

Dinner was delicious and joyous and I could eat normal food again
.... it was just one of those moments when you feel really happy and you know it, and you can just enjoy it.

I guess it's like having your cake and eating it, too.

There were some new people there, all who were all really nice. Also, this one kid was there, and I looked at him very carefully, aaaaaand yep. We went to Hebrew School together. I'm not even going to begin to point out how weird that is. He didn't remember me, but that's probably for the best since I was kinda going through a that-weird-girl-from-'The Breakfast Club'-phase. I don't want to talk about it.

Zevy's first Rosh HaShannah.

Thursday was another fantastic day. After my morning Spanish class, I hung out and got to know some people from my program a bit better, then when out to lunch with a friend. Afterward, he brought me to this place to get a new, really cheap, (probably stolen,) phone, since I could not find my other one for the life of me. Of course, later that evening, I found it smooshed into the depths of my Mary Poppins backpack. If I had a nickel for every time this has happened, maybe I'd have enough sense/cents to remember where I put my shit! (Did you see that clever pun?)
Anyways, I now have a backup which isn't so bad considering my Spanish teacher (a native) said he's had his phone stolen 5 times! Plus, it only set me back 25 bucks.

After getting the phone, I decided to walk home. On the way, I saw a clothing store which I decided to go into. By the way, I forgot to mention, a lot of stores here are locked while they're open. It's like a normal storefront with big windows, but you have to buzz in or have the person working there open the door. It was like that at this place and the pet store I went to yesterday.

I ended up back at the same park by my house, and just sat drawing people for several hours. It was sooooo nice!!! I haven't done that in forever. I don't have a whole lot to show for it since this one old dude kept changing positions.
Some nerve!
I did get these great pics of a couple people, though...

A little after I took this picture, the boy came up to me and asked if I was drawing. I told him I was, and asked if he'd like to join me. He nodded, and hopped up next to me on the ledge of this granite statue I was sitting on and then I gave him some colored pencils. When his mom came to get him (his abuela was watching him), he handed the drawing to me. "Un regalo," (A gift) he said with a smile. It was so precious. I asked him to sign it. His name is Carlitos. He says he's at the park every day, so I told him I'd be seeing him again soon.

I went home, hung out, napped, skyped with Silvio, and then went out. I met up with Sara Bernal (from UMinn) and some of the kids on her program to this place called "Le Bar" in El Centro. Yes, the name is kind of lame, but it's probably the coolest bar I've been to so far. We saw this fantastic band which sounded like a Latin version of Beirut, egg shakers and all. It was a really nice ambiance. After the band finished, it was still too loud to talk, but we figured out there's upstairs. We went up these steep stairs and ended up in a room with these suuuuuper tall turquoise walls, deep red velvet floors, and round tables with in-floor seating. Like you sit on the floor and put your feet into this dipped in part but there's still a round part in the middle as the table.
It was awesome. I felt like I was in the Yellow Submarine movie.
Also, there was photography all over the walls. We met up with this two people from Italy living here, and a girl from Belgium, a few of the people I was with apparently knew. We sat around talking for a while, and then realized there were more stairs.... to the balcony. It was fantastic. There was wonderful graffiti everywhere and these mod dot chairs.... haha it was great. Sorry I didn't have my camera,
but I'm working on the Better Safe than Sorry policy if I don't really know where I'm going.

Today, Friday, I woke up early to see the Shofar being blown at Chabad,
came back home and slept, then woke up and did homework.
WOW that was a lot of chit-chat.
I have a feeling this'll be a very photo-filled weekend, though,
so maybe next post will be more show, less tell.

L'Shannah Tovah to all. May this coming year be sweet!

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