Sunday, October 17, 2010


Parents visited. Went to Colonia, Tigre, Iguazu, and explored more of BsAs. I'll put descriptions in eventually. In the meantime, here are a few of many.....

This is at the Feria de Mataderos in the town of Mataderos. I had already been but went again to bring the P-Units. Fantastic photo opportunities as always.....

Folkloric dancing

Mate vender drinking mate? Now THAT'S good advertising!

Hi! We're three dudes and we approve this message! Which message? Well, whaddaya got?

This dude's so tough, he wears his balls on the outside.
Also, I think he may be one of the ORIGINAL gauchos.....

That Monday we took a train to Tigre, a town on a river which is brown with minerals. Rumor is that the dogs never ever get sick because they drink the river water.

We took a boat ride down the river and got a chance to look at a ton of beautiful houses and exercise our sense of envy for the day.

I can't quite remember the name of this part of Tigre.... it was another area with tons of venders, so basically like every other part of Argentina. Anyways, this guy was closin up shop for the day and the light was just mmmmmmmm....

Later that evening, after we had returned, my bro and I went to La Bomba, this big drum concert thing every Monday in el barrio Once (the Own-Say neighborhood) at this sweet venue called Konex. The place was packed.
Clearly all of the hippies in BsAs had come to this exact spot....

After the show, D and I snatched up a cab and headed over to Palermo to meet our parents at Osaka, which has got to be one of the best restaurants in the city. It's Japanese/Peruvian fusion, or put simply, YUMMY.

The next day, we hit up El Jardin Japones (The Japanese Garden) in Palermo.

We went park hoppin, and saw these friendly fellows playing chess....

Ohhhhhhhhh hunchback lady walking through construction.
It's the little things like this that keep me goin...

.... and the little guys like him. That night D and I hit up Le Bar in el centro, which has live music every Thursdays. We were sitting in back an all the sudden saw a bunch of people taking pictures. Why? Oh yeah.... some four year old was playing the drums.
No big deal. Just another average Thursday night in the city....

Wednesday we went to MALBA in Palermo. It stands for something like Museum of Art Latin Buenos Aires? Hahah I don't remember. Basically, it's an INCREDIBLE collection.

I was super excited to see this painting by Antonio Berni, a beloved painted of Buenos Aires. I had to take the picture very stealthily, as photos weren't allowed.
(oooh yeahhhhh I'm baaaaad)

View from the apartment my parents rented on the 13th floor

The next day, we hopped on a place to Iguazu. I saw this beautiful little girl on the plane.
Righteous mustache man in the airport. I think he said he's been growin out that puppy for 10 years or so.

Man chillin in the town of Iguazu.

Venders will sell you their roots strung with beads just to survive

Y ahora caras tontas!!! (And now silly faces!!)
Hey dude from Iguazu, I appreciate you letting me take your picture and I like your shirt and all but the whole hitting on me right in front of my dad thing AINT COOL

This pretty little assassin nearly bit off my hand. Puppy I just wanted to pet you whys you gotta be all tryin to chomp on my affection??

Down a dirt road, private property, a woman and her son

Here is called Las Tres Fronteras (the three frontiers) where Paraguay, Brazil, and Argentina meet.

Well, duh.

Town of Iguazu at night

Martin Lopez Leiton. Tango singer.

I think I'm gonna leave this one up to your imagination.....

The next day we woke up at like 6:30 to get ready to go to Las Cataratas (the falls). I was kinda expecting it to be so/so ("Okay... water... great....") but it was incredible!!

Stupid iguana/lizard! You ruined a perfectly good picture of some rock!!!


COATIS!! These animals are hilarious


The next day we hit up Colonia, Uruguay....this picture is from the buquebus ferry to colonia, which was really funny to me because it looks just like alfred stieglitz picture in like 1910 of immigrants.....


(Yeah, I'm ridiculous, I know)

Colonia de Sacramento was pretty chill. Mostly what there was to do was eat, and sit, and relax, and eat, and walk....

I went to take a picture of my mom and bro and this little rockstar wandered into the picture.
So OBVIOUSLY now the best photo of the trip

oh Marcelo.....

The next day we went to La Boca

This shit doesn't even phase me anymore.....

... and then we took a bus to San Telmo
mmmm Asado.....

GARDELITO!!!! He performs every Sunday in San Telmo

His compaNero singin along with him.

Another street vender dressed up like a gaucho

This photo.... kind of speaks for itself.

Sorry I've been so lax on updating but sooo much happens soooo fast and the photos just pile up.
Anyways, I gotta go get myself dressed for my poetry class. Seeee yuhhhhhh

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  1. Hi, Melissa,
    This is your California cousin, Sharon. Your proud granddaddy sent me the link to your blog. And was I surprised! What a jewel! You have a fantastic photographic eye, especially for finding interesting people. I will check in often.