Monday, November 29, 2010

Where's Waldo (Melissa) ???

Hellooooooo!!! Tending to this blog has proved to be quite difficult! Especially because I have my own journal in addition to this and I hate writing the same things twice. Anywayssss let's see how much I can summarize quickly.....

My program ended! Woohoo! This means exams are officially over which is super exciting but it also means my contract living situation is over. SO, Saturday morning I was BASICALLY kicked out of my homestay. Thus, time to ride the wave of sofa surfin. Right now I'm staying in the ridiculously nice apartment of two guys from my program, Richie and Jon. These kids are such comedians! For their tango performance they shaved their beards into handlebar mustaches, and Jon just decided to leave his. I swear, I do not know how than guy can walk around in public with that thing. Que pelotas!!! Right now I'm siting on their beautiful terrace/balcony thing, relajandome, because I caaaaan and beccause it's not snowing like it is in Minnesnowta and that's really exciting.

Now that classes are over until the end of January, I have some time to just meet new people and make art and relax which is sort of a twilight-zone kind of concept to me.... anyways I'm gonna go try to organize myself a little bit so I'm ready to head off to the next sofa tonight.

In short, yes, I am still alive and well. Peace, y'all.

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