Thursday, May 5, 2011

Brain Stew

I've been really bad at blogging lately. I've had so much homework and finals and studying and stress thinking about leaving and arriving and what to look forward to and what I'll be missing and what I have to do and who I want to see and I pulled a muscle in my right (dominant) hand and etc. etc. that I have completely fried with stress. Even if the assignments aren't that hard, I feel myself struggling to even achieve low-level brain activity. Politics is the worst. The assignments would be hard even if I was at my maximum capability. Discuss the 1982 debt crisis, how it began, and how the countries in Latin America were effected. Let me translate: MELISSA, THE WORLD HATES YOU. Just kidding... but it really does suck, though. There should be a law that art majors are exempt from anything economics-related. That'll be first on my agenda once I become ruler of the world: government without politics. (You picking up on the low-level brain activity?)

To further prove my point, I haven't even been able to make lists, which is normally one of my favorite past times. How do I plan who gets to fit in my schedule and who doesn't? Who I may very possibly never see again? Meanwhile, I'm trying to walk around the city with my eyes wide open, trying to take everything in. The problem is that living directly in the downtown of a big city is already sensory overload and emotionally-triggered hyper-awareness is proving overwhelming, to say to least.

My biggest "dilemma"- I suppose you could say- would be my crippling yearning for closure. Worst yet is that I feel entitled to it.

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