Monday, May 9, 2011

Loca Loca Loca

The last couple of days have been a little nuts, between finals and trying to take advantage of all the things to do here before I leave and packing and moving yadda yadda yoda yoda....

Anyways, let me back up to some fun stuff....
Wednesday and Thursday I spent all day studying. I had an essay to turn in by midnight on Thursday, so I stayed in until then. Afterwards, my friend Fernando came over, we had a few beers, and then went out to this neat bar called Fran
ks. (See picture below)

So you get there, and you automatically feel like you must be in the wrong place. For one thing, it's not in a very chic neighborhood at ALL; mostly kind of lower-income residential. There are these big black doors and a little sign that says "Franks" with the address. The doors are locked and there's no bouncer, only a doorbell. We rang the bell, and the door opened, though we didn't see anyone open it. The door opens, and all there is is this narrow dark passageway, with a lit up old-school pay telephone booth at the end. In uppercase letters, it read TELEPHONE at the top. Fernando, his friend and I all squeezed in to this little booth, and I dialed a number (which of course I knew because I'm a cool cat). Then, we waited for something to happen. I was leaning against one of the walls inside the booth, and all of the sudden it pushed open and we entered this speakeasy-style bar: all of the furniture, the decorations, and even the suits of the barmen are 1920s style.

There, I met up with some other friends and the drinks were REALLY strong (beyond tasteful) and so we decided to go dancing (obviously). The best thing to do on Thursdays is go to Niceto, which on Thursdays is called Club 69: ie: awesome drag show meets 90s rave club. It was really cool. At one point these huge red balloons fell from the ceiling and then there were these cool green lasers all around that made you feel like you were a thief in a museum. I took a bunch of pictures but I'm a little short on time so I'll just put one for now.

Let me tell you, that man was a whole lotta woman.... I think I got home around 5.

On Friday I was woken up by Cody at noon to get together to study. We went to Palermo to study and got there at around 4. We picked this nice ice cream place with a pretty terrace and I was soooo ready to get going with my politics paper: I had my laptop, a big cup of ice cream, and....... a pigeon took a huge crap on my arm (which is a fairly good metaphor for finals week). After Cody was done laughing-til-she-cried at me, we got back to homework, and worked on our papers until midnight when they were due. Then, I threw away my books and we went OUUTTTTT. Details aren't exceptionally important. Got home around 5 or 6 this morning as well.

I woke up at 8 the next morning, because my roommate told me that our apartment slipped us a note that we had to be out by 10am. I hadn't started packing. They fortunately let us stay until noon, when they kindly asked us to leave.... I brought my stuff to Cody's house, but couldn't sleep there because it's a homestay. I decided to wing it until about 6.30 the next morning. I'll get to that in a minute. During the day, Cody, Nacho (from boxing class) and I went out shopping in Palermo and then to get waffles covered in dulce de leche. Dulce de Leche is incredible but uh.... they don't know waffles. (Still good though) Nacho went to work, Cody and I shopped around a bit more, got pizza, and then she and I napped at her place for a while. At about 12.30 that night, we went to El Centro to a bar to meet up with about 7 dudes from the boxing gym. I nearly didn't go because I was pretty tired from the past 2 nights of going out, but it was definitely worth it. When we all went to "cheers" each other (brindir), someone asked, "What should we cheers to?" and then someone yelled,

and we all yelled,


Oh, Argentina....
At who-knows-when-o'clock we decided to go to some techno club (in a basement with no name above the door). It was pretty funny to see a bunch of dudes who do Thai Boxing after drinking..... It also involved me trying to give the biggest guy in a group a piggy-back ride. I don't want to talk about it.
The club was also a real good time. Cody and I left at about 6 but I didn't have anywhere to sleep....

I texted my friend Javi, who said I could stay on his couch. When I got there we was watching Madagascar with a friend so we watched that until about 7 in the morning and then I fell asleep.

Sunday- to put it briefly- consisted of waking up late; book fair, concert in the park, and going to the movies with Javi; and me crashing at about 2 in the morning in the middle of some movie with Sean Penn at Javi's apartment.

I woke up at 11 today and met up with Cody.... she still had a paper to do on comparing art pieces so I went to a cafe with her and helped her with it a bit. She and I and Nacho went walking around taking pictures until about 3.30 that afternoon, when we looked at the time and realized that Cody had to leave for the airport. We went to her house and she grabbed her stuff and I grabbed my stuff and she got a cab to the airport and I got a cab back to Javi's house (he said I could stay with him until I leave which is super nice!).

I came to this cafe a while ago to relax a bit, though I still feel kind of discombobulated. (Is that how you spell that?) All of my friends from the program have officially left. On Friday night Cody and I went to the bar I used to work at, Wherever, so I officially said goodbye to all of them, as well as various other friends. Anyways, I'm off to San Telmo to meet up with my old roommate from Caballito. The last time I went to that cafe I had a Basil Daquiri and it was the bomb.

Right now at the cafe they're playing "Calle 13" so I'll leave you all with one of their music videos:

I leave Wednesday, we'll see if I have a chance to blog again before the big flight.
Over and out!

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