Monday, August 2, 2010

Cruzando La Ciudad

Hola! It's strangely difficult to write in English! Though this is only my second day I'm thinking in Spanish already. Way cool. Anyways, let me backtrack.
-Yesterday/the day before (it all kinda meshed together), I flew to Atlanta, then flew to Buenos Aires. During the beginning of the second flight there was this fantastic lightning and I got a sweet picture:
I slept for not very long. Fortunately it was through some movie with Matt Damon. No big loss there. I was so excited to see the sunrise and then realized I was on the wrong side of the plane. Fortunately, I managed to get some cool shots:
I arrived at the airport, exchanged some money, met con el grupo, y despues was directed to a taxi and sent to my home-stay. I'm staying in an apartment with this older woman named Maggie who, upon my arrival, has been treating me as kindly as she would her own family. Later that afternoon, she took me on a tour of the neighborhood, which is called "Recoleta." We spent most of the rest of the day talking and relaxing.
This morning, Maggie y yo went to look around the neighborhood for somewhere which sells Soy Milk. Strangely, in a country which grows lots and lots of soy, we couldn't find it anywhere.
At around noon, Maggie accompanied me by bus to the IES abroad center, where I met people from the program. We later toured around checking out historical buildings and local stores. Personally, I was more interested in the people... and, claro, the fashion!
Esta foto really doesn't do this girl justice. Her leggings were black in front and striped in back. Clearly, the weather wasn't an issue for her.
What I love about Argentina is how so many people are bundled up in all black. (Mi color favorito.) Black is always the new black. Always.
My favorite picture of the day, though, is- sin duda- of this couple:
Walking arm in arm, as they stood at the corner about to cross the street, I couldn't resist asking if I could take their picture. Only the woman heard, and, responding only by a smile which peeked out momentarily from behind her scarf, she tapped on the shoulder of her husband and turned him towards me. Is he sharp or what?!

Luego, dos amigas y yo went back to our neighborhood to get cervezas, pero they didn't know if their host families were going to be preparing dinner soon. As for me, Maggie prepared a biiiiiig Argentine steak. Delicioso!

As for now, I'm sitting at the cafe across the street from my apartamento, listening to bad 80s music. Desafortunamente o fortunamente (no estoy seguro), when I ordered a drink not long ago, I misunderstood the waitress and ordered a liter of beer.


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