Friday, August 6, 2010

Sopa. Mucha sopa.

Buenas Noches. I haven't been able to take a whole lot of pictures lately, as I've been ill these past few days. Today, after a 16 hour sleep, I explored the neighborhood. It's craaaazzzyyy how many clothing stores there are! One after another after another.... I feel like a cougar on the prowl waiting for precisely the right moment to pounce. Rawrrrrr. Also this afternoon, I went to this famous cemetary (I can't remeber the name) where Eva Peron is buried. It was unbelievable how many passages there were at this gravesite... like a village of dead people. When I was there I snapped this picture of an injured cat. (Poor thing!) In all fairness, he was probably like 1,000 years old so maybe he was actually a real looker for his age.

While I was there, I asked this old dude if he knew where Evita was and he offered to accompany me. On the way, he showed me several graves paired with various historical facts, none of which I could understand. (There was a lot of awkward nodding.) Afterwards, he weasled me out of 5 bucks for being my tour guide or whatever. I suppose I could have pulled the "No comprendo espanol" card but he looked the age to have evil spirits as friends so I gave in.

Later that afternoon, I went in search of buying a cell phone. Apparently, a lot of people like to give false directions. In short, I did a LOT of walking today.

Another fun fact? The drivers here are maniacs. They must have read their "Rules of the Road" book upside-down, because turning left from the right lane in front of other cars to the left of you is kind of a no-no. Also, haven't seen a single stop sign. As much as I like biking, I like breathing without a machine even better so I don't think I'll partake in that activity while I'm here.

Pues, I bought a Borges poetry book so I think I'm gonna get on that.


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