Monday, February 21, 2011

Fashion and Floods

Por casualidad, discubri q esta semana es la de moda en Buenos Aires y hoy es el primer dia. Ya se donde queda y aunque no se puede entrar sin invitacion, quizas puedo esperar afuera de estar inspirada de la gente que entra y sale. Vamos a ver, supongo.

Oh, wait, that wasn't English...... let's try this again.

I randomly found out that is is fashion week here in Buenos Aires and today is the first day. Unfortunately, one cannot enter without an invitation, but I'm thinking I'll maybe try to head over there with my camera and see if I can take pictures of people going in and out of the place where the runway shows are being held. (Stay tuned with my fashion blog, si queres:

In other news, last Saturday night, Buenos Aires was under water for a few hours during an intense storm. When I left work at 4 in the morning, I found cars and buses all breaking down in the street.

At that point I decided the only thing to do was go back to the bar. Obviously. When I finally got home at 6, I went to bed, and didn't wake up until 8pm on Sunday night. (That's what working 35 hours in a week will do to ya, I suppose.) I was so pissed I had lost my only free day of the week to sleeping, so quick called Felicia and went out to see El Cisne Negro (The Black Swan) in Puerto Madero. (As if I wasn't enough in the twilight zone.) If any of you haven't yet seen this movie, SEE IT! SEE IT NOW! I was so freaking out/moved by that movie that I stayed up until 11am the next morning to start and complete a painting. At 11:30 I took a quick nap, until I was woken up an hour later by one of my roommates to remind me to get to class. I pulled myself together and went.

This has really been a peculiar week. Hopefully this coming week will be better. For one, SARAH RUSCH COMES THIS WEDNESDAY! Also, somebody pick some frozen four-leaf clovers for me, because with luck I'll be able to get off work this Saturday and go to Carnaval in Gualeyguaychu, Argentina.

Peace out, I'm off to history class.

PS: Happy Birthday, Papa Art!!!! I wish you many many more to come!!!!!!

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