Friday, December 3, 2010

Hurray for Sitting!!!!

Oooooh it feels so nice to sit down finally!!! Okay so quick recap:

For some reason I had a lot of difficultly getting to my tango class and by the time I finally got there I was HOT and TIRED and in a bad mood. So Christian (tango teacha) and I only danced for like a half an hour or something and then we went to this cafe to hang out and discuss/share poetry. It was really great. We left the cafe at 8 and then I hopped back on the subte to go back to El Centro. That morning I dropped the house keys in the lobby of Veronica's work for her, but she ended up never going to work because her mom fell ill, so I went back to the office to pick the keys back up. When I get there, there's a different portero at the front desk lobby and he says there ARE NO KEYS THERE. It just didn't make sense. At the time I wasn't so much worried about having a place to sleep (I always work something out), but more that Veronica would think that I actually never brought the keys there and had actually lost them! I ended up in this freakin lobby for like an hour trying to figure out where they went. Turns out the portero had brought the keys to her office, left them with her secretary, and the secretary brought them with him/her. In the end, NO KEYS. Lo que sea.

From there I went to a Chanuka party (arrived at 10pm) by the Recoleta Cemetery at some hotel. Outside was completely quiet, but when I got to the 12th floor todo era LOCO!!!!! Jeeeez those Orthodox Jews sure know how to party!!! I'll leave the rest up to your imagination hahahha. Entonces, fui a la terraza y comi una hamburgesa del Kosher McDonalds. The view was incredible!! It overlooked the cemetery and just TONS of Recoleta! I have pictures but I'll post them later, I suppose. Also, Mendy (from Chabad Recoleta) came to the balcony and retold us (in better detail than I had ever heard) of the story of Chanukah, while myself and some other friends sat on the floor listening and eating donuts. I MISSED DONUTS SO MUCH!!!!!!
Since I didn't have a place to stay, one girl there, Danielle, who's at Shabbat dinner every Friday, invited me to stay on her sofa, so we went from there to Palermo by Plaza Italia. Danielle's pretty religious, so she had a Chanukia at her house, and we lit candles. I didn't say the prayer with her, just because at this point in my life I'm not sure how I feel about praising a god I'm not sure exists, but it felt really good to participate in the tradition. It felt really homey.

I woke up this morning ready to head off to Cabellito to visit a departamento but the address didn't show up in my Guia, so I figured I must have written the address down wrong. Entonces, I tried to call this chick but realized I was out of credit. AND for some reason in that neighborhood I could not, for the life of me, find any kiosco!!! And in Buenos Aires that's really saying something! Finally after like a half hour of running around this chi chi neighborhood, I finally got credit, called the girl, got the address, hopped on a subte, and arrived. Currently I'm hunting for an apartment to stay for a month antes de muderme entre un departamento downtown for my next semester. My basic requisites are cheap, safe, good vibes, and close to public transportation.

Anyways, now I'm just trying to organize myself before I head off to San Telmo to check out another apartment with the portero I met the other night at Jon and Richie's. We'll see how that goes hahah. Today I think is a no-lunch day, because I gotta be thrifty and tonight I'll have a big shabbat dinner. For now, just coffee for me. I picked up un cafe at the Martinez around the corner where I'm friends will ALL of the staff. I'm currently trying to convince one of the guys to invite me to his wedding. Hahhahahah. Life is funny. Like REALLY REALLY funny.

((Sigh)) Okay I gotta run. What else is new, right? Maybe sometime this weekend I'll have a chance to take a breather and put some pictures up. Happy Chanukah to everyone!!!

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