Monday, December 27, 2010


WOW so it's been a while, huh?

These past few weeks have been full of change and I don't want to write forever so I'll try to sum things up....
-MOVED! Finally I have my own room. And I know every night that there'll be a place for me to sleep!!! This was definitely something I took for granted. It's such freedom! I have my own set of keys! And a shared space in a refrigerator!!! It's a beautiful place in Cabellito (a neighborhood/el barrio) with sun roof that can open and close, it's got a terrace outside my window, and TONS and TONS of plants. I'm not gonna lie, I feel very Frida Kahlo. There's also a cat, but sometimes there isn't...... I share the place with three other Argentines: a dancer, an actress, and a musician. They're wonderful. Tonight we drank Fernet and Coke, and played a game called "Taki," which is kind of like Uno, but more competitive. Taki get's intense, yo. You don't know shit till you play Taki.
-NEW JOB! It wasn't exactly an easy search ("um hi I'm from the United States. i want to be a waitress. no i do not have experience....") but I found a post on craigslist for a job at this bar called "Wherever." I applied and ya esta, boludo! The pay is decent- accordingly to the prices of food, etc, here- but nothing compared to the U.S. Tip is like 5%. It's dreadful. Fortunately, customers like me so I sometimes I get 10! It's in Palermo, so a fun neighborhood, and it's got good vibes and increeeeddddible music. The only down is that it's a 45min-hour commute from my house, and the buses are infrequent. That part blows, especially when I get off of work at 4am, have to wait 40 minutes, then another 40 minutes to get home..... lo que sea. It's a really cool experience to have.
-Etc: a punk concert in San Telmo, hamburgers on the rooftop in Belgrano, tropical terraza party in Palermo, chill bars in Almagro, ritzy apartments Recolata, going for runs in Cabellito, fashion photoshoot in San Cristobal, a painting collective in Saavedra, drawing, writing poetry.... I'm actually kind of exhausted recounting it. It's really been somethin,' though.... to live so submerged and without other study abroad students.
-The HEAT: It's absolutely madness. I take 2 showers a day, at least, just to keep from sticking to myself. The humidity is the worst part.

BLAHHH Okay I'm tired I'm gonna roll. Pictures coming. Maybe I'll write again soon, but for your own safety, don't hold your breath.

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