Monday, December 6, 2010

Pepino = Cucumber

Yay!! It's your lucky day!!! Today I've decided I'm too lazy to write anything so you get to see some pictures!!!! Woooooooo!!!!

Several weeks ago, I told people to let me know if someone wants a portrait taken of them before they leave to return to the United States. Here are a couple of photos from 2 of several photo shoots that I did.

Anna, Recoleta

Rebecca, Palermo

This is a photo taken on the A line of the Subte (subway), the only line which still uses the original cars with a wooden interior. It feels like a completely different era. If you're lucky, you might catch a car playing classical music!

This, my friends, is the beautiful Sara, who has now returned to Miami :-(((
She doesn't really like her picture taken but I forced her into it. She said, "What do you want me to do?" and I said "Look at me like you love me!" and she did this. My heart....

San Telmo

Taxista, San Telmo

Lightning stuff from Nate's rooftop in Palermo
(I wrote about this night in some post before this one...)

The patio

Kasper made me dinner mmmm soo gooood

Incredible view of the Recoleta Cemetery

Danielle's.... I stayed on this sofa one night

Okay that's all for now.... why is this underlined all of the sudden? Damn technology!
Tomorrow I say goodbye to Alli, hopefully finally pick an apartment, and plan on going to two b-day parties. ((Sigh)) Now if only I could find some time to sit and write!!!!!!!!!

Besos, feliz chanukah,


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  2. boluda!
    vos tenes fotos beshisimas!!