Wednesday, December 8, 2010

La la la la liiiista

Damas y caballeros....

I cant really keep track of days or courses of actions anymore but I'll try to recount some stuff....

(1) After visiting tons and tons of apartments I finally found one!!! It's kind of far though, in a barrio (neighborhood) called Cabellito. HOWEVER it's a way good precio and pretty so I'm excited. Below is a subte map (not all of it, I cut off some of the stuff which doesnt really apply) but to give a general idea of location:

On the green line:
-The one most on top: Ministro Carranza. This is where I take my tango class.
-The other one: Tribunales. This is the closet stop to where I'm staying right now.

One the darker blue line:
-The one on top: General San Martin. This is the stop closest to IES (my previous semester program) and right next to Plaza San Martin
-The one on the way bottom: Independencia. This is the line closest to San Telmo.

On the light blue line:
-The one on the right: Loria. This is in Once (kind of a trek from IES) where I had my tango class at IUNA
-The one on the left: Acoyte. This is the stop in Cabellito by where I'll be living.

From El Centro (the tangly part to the right) to Acoyte en el subte (subway).... I dont really know, I imagine it would take about 30 minutes or so. Whateverrr I'll put picks up of the place when I get there.

(2) I've been applying to jobs like crazy! I even had an interview yesterday which was kind of nerve-wrecking (how do you spell that?) but I think it went as well as it could have. I don't have waitressing experience which definitely hurts my chances of finding a place, but fortunately my Spanish was really good when I talked to him (without stumbling, or stuttering and such).

(3) Yesterday, basically my day was like this: I woke up, went to IES to use the internet, went to Wherever bar to drop off an application, went to Recoleta to do some errands, went BACK to Wherever bar in Palermo to talk to the owner of the place, went back to El Centro to the place I'm staying, walked Lara the dog, took a shower and changed (because the humidity here is unreal!) and speeeeeed walked over to Burger King for the goodbye dinner for Alli (que elegante, no?). I was late- surprise surprise- so we soon after left. I walked back to Alli's with her to say goodbye to her before she left for the airport. I'm so sad all my yankee friends are leaving :-(

After that, I walked over to Riobamba street (in recoleta) for a birthday party with a friend from Chabad. I was really glad there were snacks there, because I didn't get anything at Burger King. (It was surprisingly expensive!!!) We hung out, ate food, had cake, chatted..... etc. etc. ... and then I went to ANOTHER birthday party in Colegiales, a barrio right next to Palermo. I was kinda nervous at first because I only knew one person and it was all spanish speakers there but it was actually suuuuper fun. The main party action was on this beautiful terrace with lights and such, and loooots of liquor. I think my spanish gets better when I drink? When I'm tired it's AWFUL but when I drink.... I dont know maybe I just get less nervous. Either way. I was chaaatttttting with lots of peeeeeeopple.... it was really fun. I have no idea what time I got back "home" so yeahhh it was fun haha.

(4) Later today, I'm going to La Villa with one of the faculty (spelling?) dude from IES.... it's some community event for the holiday today (El Dia de La Virgen). I don't know what it's gonna be about but he said it was be a good foto opportunity. I think I'll have to barb-wire the camera to my hands though....

Well I'm off to drink some mate with a friend. More soon. Oh! And here's latest netbook pic:

(Alli and me)
I know I know we classy ladiez.....

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  1. Melissa! Muy buenas fotos!
    Me alegro que estes viviendo una gran experiencia acá, en buenos aires!!
    cualquier cosa que necesites, avisame!
    eze (el que te llevó a la fiesta en colegiales!)